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Saynice® Freeze Dried Instant Coffee with Gacha Capsule Coffee Machine Orange (Natural Arabica Beans with 24 Flavors)

Saynice® Freeze Dried Instant Coffee with Gacha Capsule Coffee Machine Orange (Natural Arabica Beans with 24 Flavors)

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  • Classic Freeze Dried Coffee Pods – An exciting way to enjoy fresh-roasted coffee while adding a fun aspect to your morning or afternoon routine. The machine contains 24 twisted eggs, each ball has a different taste, each ball is printed separately, 1-24 numbers represent different tastes, and one number represents one taste

  • Cute Gatha-Style Dispenser – One of the most enjoyable aspects of our freeze dried coffee single serve pods is that they come in a unique toy-like dispenser that lets you turn the knob and get a new coffee with every twist.

  • Fun, Deliciously Exciting Flavors – We’ve included 24 unique and original flavors in our freeze dried coffee bundle including light, medium, and dark roasts, oolong, toffee nut, specialty Americano, espresso, cream cocoa, and much more.

  • Quick Single Serve Drink Mix – Our coffee pods feature the freeze-dried coffee on the inside using advanced cold brew technology, so you can simply mix it in with traditional milk, almond milk, ice, soda water, or even coconut milk for a great taste.

  • Design and Decorate the Machine – Saynice freeze dried coffee machine dispensers are completely white which means you can add stickers, designs, and colorful creations all your own to create a one-of-a-kind dispenser everyone will love.

Genuine Arabica Beans

While this might be freeze dried coffee grounds in a multitude of flavors we use genuine Arabica beans in our coffee. That means you’ll love exploring not only the light, medium, and dark roast classic flavors, but all the other exciting options as well.

Reusable Machine

Once you’re out of coffee you can add more freeze-dried coffee pods like our own or turn it into a machine to hold small bouncy balls or toys for your kids or teacher’s classroom.  After the coffee capsule is used up, it only needs to be washed and used as a twisted egg ball~

Tasty Cold Brew

Creating a fresh cold brew is easy with our freeze-dried coffee grounds. Simply add 180-240 mL of water or milk to the coffee powder, mix it together, and enjoy the great taste.

Easy to Refill

The smart design of our freeze dried coffee dispenser makes it easy to pull out a single capsule, but equally easy to fill back up with other capsules or small, round toys.

Quality Freshness

We make sure that every order contains fresh, high-quality, freeze-dried coffee in every pod, so you can be sure that every sip is equally delicious from the first cup to the last.

Classic and Original Flavors

We want to make sure you get the most out of our single-serve coffee dispenser which is why every bundle comes with 24 great-tasting flavors, including favorites like Yin Yang, Italian Specialty, Caramel, Summer Peach, Hazelnuts, and more!


Product Details:

  • Gacha-Style Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser
  • Freeze-Dried Arabica Coffee Grounds
  • Shelf life: 72 months
  • Includes 24 Single Serve Pods
  • Easy to Mix, Serve, and Enjoy
  • Rich, Delicious, and Exciting Flavors
  • Dispenser Size:  28*17 *18cm
  • With box : 32x20 x20 cm
  • Can fit diameter 40mm bouncy ball, gashapon shell


Nutrition Information

                              Per Serving 3g            %NRV per 3g

Energy                    41 kj                                  0%

Protein                    0.7g                                  1%

Fat                           0g                                   0%

Carbohydrates       1.7g                                 1%

sodium                   15mg                                0%    



Please rotate the machine knob clockwise to the right to dispense the balls. Do not rotate the knob in the opposite direction as this may damage the machine.


Due to the large number of balls, there is a possibility that they may get stuck. If this occurs, gently shake the machine and continue rotating the knob to dispense the balls.


In cold milk and thick plant milk, the balls may dissolve slower. Please stir or shake the drink more thoroughly to achieve the best results.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very tasty cool idea item

A wonderful coffee to refresh you during your daily break time. Thank you for shipping to Japan. I would like to have refills if possible.

Fav color

In my opinon it's the best color

Blaire C
Love from Singapore!!!

I really like the orange colour, I enjoy using it!