Product Features

  • Tasty Cold Brew

    Creating a fresh cold brew is easy with our freeze-dried coffee grounds. Simply add 180-240 mL of water or milk to the coffee powder, mix it together, and enjoy the great taste.

  • Reusable Machine

    Once you’re out of coffee you can add more freeze-dried coffee pods like our own or turn it into a machine to hold small bouncy balls or toys for your kids or teacher’s classroom. After the coffee capsule is used up, it only needs to be washed and used as a twisted egg ball~

  • Classic and Original Flavors

    We want to make sure you get the most out of our single-serve coffee dispenser which is why every bundle comes with 24 great-tasting flavors, including favorites like Yin Yang, Italian Specialty, Caramel, Summer Peach, Hazelnuts, and more!

  • Easy to Refill

    The smart design of our freeze dried coffee dispenser makes it easy to pull out a single capsule, but equally easy to fill back up with other capsules or small, round toys.

  • Quality Freshness

    We make sure that every order contains fresh, high-quality, freeze-dried coffee in every pod, so you can be sure that every sip is equally delicious from the first cup to the last.

About Saynice

  • In Japan, Gacha has quickly become a favorite for many fans of anime and other creative art and toy styles. That’s why we created this one-of-a-kind Gacha-style coffee pod dispenser and filled it with 24 unique freeze dried coffee flavors! Designed like a traditional toy dispenser, this coffee dispensing machine lets you create delicious cold-brew blends with water or milk. And because it’s easy and fun to do at work or in your breakroom at work, everyone will love dispensing their coffee, trying out new flavors, and making the entire experience feel more like a game! Get one for your house, surprise a coffee-loving friend, or take one to work and make trying coffee more exciting than ever before.

  • Saynice Gacha Coffee 24 flavors mixed with specially crafted cold-brewed pure freeze-dried coffee.

    SAYNICE focused on creative lifestyle, has partnered with renowned baristas to select coffee beans from various global origins and processing methods. After professional roasting, different aromas and flavors are blended to create 24 best flavors, forming an eco-friendly and fun gacha coffee. With every spin, you can experience a different taste sensation.

  • Saynice's founder and several coffee tasters have chosen fresh coffee beans from excellent planting bases in dry regions, such as Guatemala and Nicaragua in South America, Brazil, and China. Using traditional roasting machines, they have carefully roasted the coffee beans, and after several taste evaluations, they have extracted 24 different flavors of pure freeze-dried coffee using professional cold-brew extraction techniques. The coffee dissolves in full temperature, with fresh and clear details, achieving a good balance of different aromas and tastes of the original coffee beans. Saynice aims to increase unknown fun and uncertainty while pursuing the taste of freshly ground coffee. With every cup of coffee, Saynice hopes that customers can experience the emotions and attitudes expressed by different baristas, which is the true charm of coffee.

  • Pure freeze-dried coffee powder

    It is difficult to find pure freeze-dried coffee powder on the market nowadays. Most coffee products are made by mixing hot-brewed coffee powder and instant coffee powder. SAYNICE insists on using pure freeze-dried coffee powder and does not mix hot-brewed coffee powder and instant coffee powder in their production process, unlike the industry standard.


    SAYNICE is committed to using pure and genuine coffee made from freeze-dried coffee powder to recreate every cup of coffee with love. They combine advanced techniques such as ultra-low-temperature freezing and freeze-drying, and use patented equipment to extract water-soluble molecules from coffee at a low temperature. They use the low-temperature extraction and fresh-locking technology to preserve the original flavor of the coffee, and carefully filter, remove impurities and off-flavors.


    Finally, the coffee is vacuum freeze-dried at -50°C to maximize the retention of the coffee's aroma and active ingredients. The resulting coffee powder can be rapidly dissolved in water at any temperature, with a clear and clean texture, and the visual and gustatory sensation of hand-brewed coffee is restored.

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